2nd Wind Certified & Used (Pre-Owned)

2nd Wind Certified

2nd Wind Certified products are inspected and refurbished by an in-house team of fitness technicians. They replace nonworking or worn parts to restore the product to working condition. Our inspection process was designed by our certified fitness technicians with over 20 years of experience. With combined field and in-house service experience, our technicians know and understand what it takes to bring used exercise equipment back to life.

2nd Wind Certified (2WC) products come with a standard 90-day parts and labor warranty. We also offer the ability to purchase an additional warranty of up to 2 years parts and labor.

Used (Pre-Owned)

All 2nd Wind used product is cleaned, lubricated and tested prior to sale. We ensure that the product is in good working order and safe before reselling it to anyone. When necessary we will replace parts to bring it to working order.

Used product is sold as is and has no additional warranty for sale.